Humble Roots

It all started with one truck, two brothers, and a drive to do the best work they could.

During Dale and Miles Dubinsky’s first year in operation, 1987, they made a bold business decision, one that would change their company history completely, almost over night. The men won a contract to haul 30 kilometers of 16-inch pipe to Mariana Lake, AB. The hitch was they only had one truck. This job required 30.

Within days, against many odds, the brothers astonishingly pulled together the resources to organize the necessary equipment and personell to complete the work. They succeeded in delivering 15 loads per day, on budget, on time and accident-free. Is it any wonder that this client, along with many others, still rely on them today?

Take it from them…

Pioneer Trucking has time and time again proven their ability to provide any number of vehicles needed for a job, on any shift, in a timely manner.”
Ledcor Pipeline Ltd.