Dale Dubinsky, Co-Owner and President

The Co-founder of one of Western Canada’s most successful transportation companies has come a long way since his small-town beginnings in Oxbow, Saskatchewan; he doesn’t let all that go to his head though. What is Dale’s source of pride? The employee and client relationships he’s built on mutual respect. Known for balancing big-picture planning with present-day needs, with his leadership skills Dale ensures his team has the right tools to complete their jobs safely, efficiently and effectively. “Being a pioneer means looking forward, doing better, going further”, it’s no surprise he thrives on the challenge of hiking, cycling and running in the great outdoors.

Miles Dubinsky, Co-Owner

Inspired by the tire tracks of his father, Miles co-founded Pioneer in 1987 with his brother Dale. As a family man, he has a great appreciation for the company’s strong client ties; most have been there since its humble start. Miles’ easygoing, straightforward attitude and technical knowhow make him a natural mentor and leader for the Pioneer team. He wears the same hat at home too, cheering on his son’s hockey team and his figure skating daughter. Success in Miles’ eyes means, “being the greatest dad I can be” while setting a real-life example of what can be achieved through perseverance and commitment.